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Wherein Sample Communications Are Offered for Preview

Wherein Sample Communications Are Offered for Preview

Oh joy! Half a dozen agreeable Correspondents have agreed to allow sample letters to be publicly shared. Now interested parties may whet their curiosity as to Character, Style, and Quality, by reading a letter for themselves. Onyx the Great and Terrible  (The Prankster Pumpkin) Bobby Bunny (The Rabbit Who Wanted an Egg) The Genie (TheRead More…

Wherein Halloween Story Experiences Take Flight

Wherein Halloween Story Experiences Take Flight

Four new Correspondents are sending their missives of terror and delight to Recipients from four years old to adult. Yes! We have a Correspondent who communicates with adults only — but beware. Lord Edmund is not all that he seems. Take a look at The Demon Lover, and perhaps you will see what I mean.Read More…

Wherein the Trumpeter Swan prepares his Final Flight

Wherein the Trumpeter Swan prepares his Final Flight

Oh, summer! I have so enjoyed keeping track of Quinn and Swan as they migrate northward to Alaska, facing storms and bears and other obstacles as they strive to rejoin Swan’s bevy. But we are close now to the time when this Story must take a break until next spring brings a new migration season.Read More…

What People Are Saying

The most creative gift I have ever given. My kids just adore the stories. They check the mailbox every day in anticipation.

Staycee L., Parent of 2 in Novi, MI

I want 100 stories.

Miles F., Recipient, age 5 in Ann Arbor, MI

We were all very pleased with the quality and content and we are all looking forward to the next episode.

Lindsey H., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

It made me feel like I was in a book or a movie.

Lindsay B., Recipient, age 14 in Ann Arbor, MI

Any child of any age will be buoyed, delighted, and moved by these stories.

Karl S., Teacher in Ypsilanti, MI

My son is enjoying this birthday gift so much!  It is his private tale that he treasures and looks forward to -- couldn't recommend it more highly!

Karen P., Parent of 2 in Ann Arbor, MI

It made me feel SO special.

Juliana L., Recipient, age 10 in Novi, MI

Each box is greeted with more enthusiasm! Couldn't wait through dinner.

Carolyn N., Parent in Kailua, HI

My daughter has been loving her story! Thank you, Flying Trunk, for a magical experience!

Abby H., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My son really enjoyed the story. He loved getting packages in the mail. We read the last letter before bed, and he insisted on sleeping with Bobby Bunny all night.

Jennie A., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My daughter read it this morning to great delight tinged with sadness that it was the final story. She just loved the gifts.

Karl S., Parent in Ypsilanti, MI

My nephew was completely entranced. He bought into the magic of a beautifully-told story. I am sure this is an experience that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

Michele M., Aunt in Silver Spring, MD

I can’t imagine a better gift for a child.

William J., Uncle in Halifax, UK

My five-year old granddaughter loved her letters from Bobby Bunny. She treasures each item sent with them and keeps them safe and sound in the lovely box they first came in—a great child’s gift!

Christine R., Grandparent in Ann Arbor, MI

So great! It’s been super fun.

Linda S., Parent in Bainbridge Island, WA

Your stories have inspired my daughter, and she is busy writing one herself!

Tanya L., Parent in Ann Arbor, MI

My daughter really enjoyed the whole experience of receiving the stories. She really loved the objects too and they helped to flesh out the story for her. This was a a really nice gift and we appreciate the amount of care and effort that has gone into it.

Peter J., Parent in Norwich, UK

She loved it! Her mother and her both participated and had a ball. She opened up the last package with me and she was so excited. She absolutely loved it. I have to say it was quite the experience for her. I am so thankful.

Greg S., Grandparent in Escanaba, MI

I really appreciate that you include older kids. Middle schoolers, especially, are often overlooked in experiences like this; they still have that childlike spark in them that needs to be nurtured. You just can’t find stuff like this for that age group.

Nancy H., Grandparent in Menasha, WI

Bless you for bringing so much joy to so many. Your creativity is amazing. ❤️

Lora C., Grandparent in Crossville, TN

Wherein Sample Communications Are Offered for Preview